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Trailboss powder loading formula

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I was on another forum and there is a bit of a disagreement on the loading of Trailboss powder. IMR load data shows a max load for 45 colt of 5.8gr at about 12,700psi with a 250/255gr bullet. Also on IMR website (same site as load data) there is a couple paragraphs describing how to come up with "your" reduced load using said powder. This is accomplished by determining the space your bullet occupies in the case and filling the case with powder to that point. (NO COMPRESSING) weigh this amount and this becomes your MAXIMUM load. Use 70% of this amount for a start load and work up toward your max load looking for the most accurate loading for your gun. My measurements are: 45 colt starline brass, 255gr Lee RNFP, I can get 8.5gr of trailboss up to bottom of bullet with no compression, this would be my MAX load, 70% of this is 5.9gr as a start load. As you can see this is over the max load info of 5.8gr. in the load data. WTF over..:confused: anybody got an answer for this one?? Don't say call Hodgden, tried that, they ain't talkin..Another question, if the 5.8gr. load has approx the same pressure as say, 8gr. of Unique why is the recoil so much less? Seems like every time I increase pressure in a load the recoil factor goes up...I may be sly like fox, but I'm also smart like tractor..
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Nope, says rifle and pistol. Straight from Hodgden web site. Possibly that "70%" info was put there for calibers where no load data is available but it still contradicts itself. Also read that you can fill the (any?) case full of trailboss (no compression) and it still won't be an overcharge. So is this saying that 5.8gr in 45 colt has 12,750 psi ( their data Max.) but going up to 8.5gr. (what I can get under my bullet w/o compressing) is still staying below max. pressure for 45 colt?:confused: Inquiring minds want to know.
Right..isn't that what I just wrote? Guess I'm on my own with this. I'll just start with their 70% rule (which is over the max load shown in the reloading data they (hodgden) puts out) and work up towards the base of the bullet max to find the most accurate and consistant load.
Cowboy, I ran a 6gr. load over my chrony with my 4in Redhawk and got an avg. velocity of 766fps with an avg. deviation of 13fps. Thats pretty darn good in my book. I have loaded an fired 6.5gr. loads and was right at 800fps, grouping opened up a bit, but still pretty good. I just loaded up 6.9gr. and will shoot them tomorrow and see how they work. With the 6.5gr load the cases were still sooty so it's almost like the pressure wasn't even enough to expand the cases to fill the cyl. The fella on Gunblast wrote an article about loading 10gr. trailboss in a 454 for 1,000fps with very good accuracy and the smallest avg. deviation he'd ever seen. I'm hoping the 6.9gr. load works as well as the 6.0gr. load and be in the 850ish range. That for me would be perfect for what I'm looking for. Also thats what my Lee pro measure throws with the adjustable bar all the way open..:D I read a post on another forum where a guy said his quickload program came up with 20,000+ psi with an 8gr. load. Maybe someone on here with that program will see this and chime in.
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Because Hodgdon owns IMR I've been using that name, but "the reduced loads for pistol and rifle" with Trailboss Powder formula is actually under IMR. My apologys if thats confused anyone. Noylj, I understand what you're saying, but theres no "Ruger only" loads with Trailboss powder. They simply say, to find your "Reduced" loads using Trailboss, fill the case to the bottom of the bullet (any) weigh this amount, this is your maximum load. Multiply by 70% and this is your start load. Work your way up toward your maximum load looking for the most accurate. No Ruger only loads, no only for rifles with straight wall cases, no only if's of any kind, doesn't even say use at your own risk. Says by using this formula you won't get into any trouble. (?) ...BUT....isn't there always, then they come up with 5.8gr as a maximum load for 45 colt, when using THEIR formula thats just about a start load. Quite a conundrum....
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No, I'm not confusing myself, IMR is doing that quite well by themselves. From their website: quote: (1) "Find where the base of the bullet to be loaded is located in the case and make a mark on the outside of the case at this location. Then fill the case to that mark with Trailboss, pour into scale pan and weigh. This is your maximum load. Pressures will be BELOW the MAXIMUM allowed for this cartridge and perfectly SAFE to use!" end quote.
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