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Hi Branden,

There are two things that I know of that could cause this.

1.) The bullet you are using has a wide metplat and can deflect the "cartridge stop" that holds the following cartridge in the magazine in place allowing it to pass under the lifter.  I had this trouble with 180gr. L.B.T.'s in my .357 '92. I was seating them to 1.600 o.a.l. and when I reduced the seating depth to 1.54" the problem disappeared along with the crimping groove which went below the case mouth.  No problem though. The bullet fits tight enough in the case that no crimp is needed.

2.) If your cartridges are shorter (i.e. .38 special) the cartridge stop is malfunctioning. Have a gunsmith look at it unless you feel you can remedy it.

Good luck,
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