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With everyone's input I used the info' and diagrams to polish the trigger and sear engagement surfaces on a .30-06. I did the same with the bolt face engagement and the back of the sear. This little bit of work lightened the trigger, and it actually removed a 'stacking' effect I'd had partway through the trigger pull. It had been somewhat like a two stage trigger, I suppose. That roughness is now gone and the gun is seriously improved.

I used aluminum oxide sandpaper to do the polishing. That is similar to what they sell on Brownell's website. It was quickly effective at removing the roughness on the trigger that was readily apparent under a 4 power magnifying glass.

Naturally, I lubed the engagement surfaces, too.

I have not tried, as yet, to shorten the trigger pull (creep) by removing material from the sear notch. It really isn't that much of a problem any longer.

Thanks for all your input.
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