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Hey everyone, I have a quick question about trimming cases that are intended to be used for accurate target shooting at longer distances.

I know the max case length on a 308 is 2.015" If I'm not mistaken.. my manual tells me to trim them down to 2.005" after FL resizing... So I do this, load, shooting, resize, and measurement... Usually after being resized they measure anywhere in the range of 2.011-2.016".. w/ a few being under or over those....

For the purpose of accuracy, should I retrim them all back down to 2.005" or wait until they have expanded past the 2.015" mark (assuming they haven't).

Reason I ask is because I don't want to have to manually trim 100s of cases every time I go shooting and decrease the life of the case.

On a side note... as far as the max times a case can be trimmed... I have heard people say 4-5times and then they toss them... is kinda conservative??? Or can I keep trimming/shooting until I see visible defects in the cases?


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