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Interesting thread. Have thought on this subject myself. I am of the opinion that data in the reloading manuals assumes trimming will be done before sizing, as the trim to length, is generally about .010 less than cartridge max oal, if memory serves and I have my decimal in the right place.
I have witnessed some stretching of the case after sizing, but never in the neighborhood of .010.

So, if a fellow has a cartridge case where he wants maximum neck tension, like a short action 300 savage type, it makes some sense to me to trim after sizing, and go like...002 less than max case length, rather than the .01 "trim to" length. On my 300 savage, i try to get as much neck tension as possible, even though .008 is really not a whole lot of yardage.

On the long action cartiridges, it doesn't make that much difference to me, and I'll either trim before or after depending on what kind of mood I am in. Lately have been trimming after, just to maintain uniformity in sequence.

You fellows have a great day.

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