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Trip to Brazil

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I just spent the past two weeks traveling in Sao Paulo and a couple surrounding towns. I snapped many, many photos and complied an album of what I feel are the best and most representative photos. Ask any questions you want.

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Sadly there was no hunting. The trip was a study abroad as part of a class studying innovation and sustainability in business. We visited places like the port that moves half of Brazil's GDP out and the most active terminal in the port (Cargill), a 27 billion dollar ethanol company, non-profits, the Atlantic Rainforest, and spent a weekend on the beach. I speak Portuguese, so a lot of people were very friendly with me.

Gun laws? It wasn't an issue down there. Lots of cops carried .357 mag revolvers and a few had Glocks and Berettas, but I didn't hear anything about people owning guns or hunting. Then again, I was in Sao Paulo- the largest city in Brazil.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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