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Thanks for the info on my last post (cast vs. jacketed). I'm glad I found this forum it has been a wealth of info, but I wanted to ask for a little more. Iv'e seen the load data for 280,290,&330gr bullets but there was no velocity figures for the 330gr. Was wonderingwhat kind of velocity and trajectory could be obtained with that bullet out of a 22" barrel? Does anyone know the BC for that bullet? I have quite a bit of time before Elk season here in Colorado but would like to get started asap. Looks as if Beartooth has quite a backlog and might be awhile beforeI would get an order so I just wanted to get all my info early.

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Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you!  I've been making bullets instead of tending the forum!   (trying to get rid of that backlog you just mentioned)  We're making great strides on getting product out the door, and hope to be into a quicker turn around time by the middle of April!

About the 33g LFNGC in the .444:  Using this load:

BTB .432"-330g LFNGC/56.0g H335/WLRP/Rem Brass/COL 2.553"

You will get right at 2200 fps out of most 22" barrels.  The BC for this bullet is .236.  Not bad for this type of bullet.  You'll find that by sighting in 3" high at 100 yards you have transformed your .444 into a true 200+ yard game harvester!

Sounds to me like the elk in your part of Colorado had better start finding places to hide! :biggrin:

God Bless,

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