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A bunch of years ago used to use tsi400 for cleaning my brass, Threw the brass in a container, dumped the bottle of  cleaner in , 30 seconds latter had new looking brass. rinsed them off with water and put them out to dry.  Put a piece of old T-shirt (not the one I happen to be wearing) over a funnel and poured it back into the bottle. all the crud from the cases caught in the T-shirt. Havant been able to find this stuff in the last 6 or 7 yrs and ran across their web sight, called and ordered a gallon (39.00 plus shipping) they make it in smaller quanties, and also in the 5 gal size. any one interested heres their info:
220 pegaus av Northvale N.J. 07647


Talked to a young lady in sales (bev) and she took the time to look things up and answer all the questions I  had.


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