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Tumbler dish seems to be wearing pretty fast

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Ok so I'm just full of questions tonght. I have a new Cabelas vibratory case tumbler and I've used it twice so far for about an hour each time. the first time i noticed no wear when I emptied the media and cases into the sifter. then i added some of the case polish that came with it and after sizing my brass ran them again. now the plastic in the inside of the dish looks like it is coming apart all stringy and peeling off the sides. did they give me case polish that eats the plastic? at this rate I don't think the tumbler will clean 1000 rounds before the thing falls apart.
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Could it be there was just a thin, plastic film lining in there that's coming off? Otherwise, while the media will very lightly scratch and abrade the tumbler, it shouldn;t be coming apart.
Been using a turbo tumbler for over twenty years without the benifit of a polish additive. These additives are another sales gimmic IMHO that has limited beneficial aspects. Noticed my recent purchases of new media is treated with these additives. About the only difference I can see they make is reduction in time to polish. This has never been a problem as I usually fill the tumbler with cases and either go to work or go to bed. When I either get home or wake up the job is done.

From your description sounds like the additive is attacking the the plastic. One would think this would be completely checked and tested out. I would continue use and moniter the bowl for further deteration and then contact Cabela's under the products warrenty.
Throw that additive away. As hailstone mentioned, it is completely unnecessary, and will soon clog up the media besides.

If it isn't inconvenient, I'd take the tumbler and additive back to Cabela's. They may not be aware there's a problem if nobody tells them.
Nothing should come off of the bowl. If anything you may have some dirt from the case's sticking to the bowl. Take it back to Cabelas for a replacement. I've cleaned case's and threw in small plastic bottles and mollyied bullets at the same time. If anything you will abrade the bowl thin in some places, in about 20 years. You will have to replace the motor before the bowl give's up.
this is definately bowl material coming off the inside of the bowl. it is green and stringy and a bit gummy. if it were just a film the materil under it woudl be smooth and hard but it is soft and rough and the pitting continues. I'll take it back to cabelas on my next trip but that will be after the hollidays. they really need to put one in closer to my house. It is about a 2 hour trip each way.
You might try calling the store where you bought the items and explain the situation. Possibly they will have you send it to them for replacement saving you a trip. They have treated me fairly over the years and I live about two hours from there nearest store.
I agree with Hailstone, they have a pretty good reputation for making things right with me as well.

I can tell a big difference in polishing times with the Lyman Turbo Brite and walnut media, but different additives have different results.
Very interesting indeed.....I have a lyman here that I bought back in 1986 and it has been used hundereds of times with rifle and pistil brass..Sometime's several times a week in the past...I have never seen this happen with any of the tumblers...As far as the polish goes,I have tried it but never thought it was really worth the purchase..But we all have our own likes and dislikes.....Good luck and have fun shootin..
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