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Great Tip Jim, One thing that I like to do on a new set of blocks (other than LBT) is to chamfer the sprue plate screw hole in the blocks. The factorys drill then tap the hole and sometimes causes a raised dimple around outer edge of hole which causes sprue plate to feel like its binding. One other area of concern is how the blocks align with a given set of handles. Some handles are ground and cut differently which in some cases causes the alignment pins and there sockets to be far from self aligning. I started taking the colored electrical tape to identify which handles go best with a certain set of Blocks  and store blocks in a plastic container with same color code as handles. I know this may sound time consuming and nit picky but your mold blocks are the Life blood of your casting operation and proper care and feeding will make them last for years.
Thanks for the great article Arkypete,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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