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Turk mauser question

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Saw a very clean, very tempting Turk mauser today. I know just enough about these to realize I don't know very much!

Wondering if anyone can help identify the exact receiver that I am looking at. It's obviously a 98 type, but Turkey had several variants, and their own unique barrel thread on at least some of them.

The information that may help identify it is:

- Year stamped on the receiver ring is 1937.

- The bolt release is different than a standard 98. Instead of the little serrated wedge on top of the release, it has a curved extension that lays flat up against the receiver ring, all the way to the stripper clip cutout.

- There is some sort of writing on the left side of the receiver, I am guessing Arabic? Haven't seen this on a Turk before, maybe on the rest I have seen they were just too dirty to notice.

- Straight bolt (doesn't match the receiver, no surprise).

- No blueing on the bolt or receiver.

I would like to find out any additional information, especially if the outside dimensions of the receiver fit the usual specs for 'small ring' or 'large ring'. If they do, it's easier to get an aftermarket stock that is a drop in.

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I've heard that those are not that desirable.
Hi, Mike:
According to Frank de Haas, a large ring measures 1.410" and a small ring measures 1.300". Apparently some of them are J bores, marked 7.91 instead of 7.92. There's a bit on that here:

Guys, thanks. I had already read the Brownells article, but can't open it right now, for some reason. As I recall it dealt with barrel thread pitch, among other things.

The stuff on a .318 bore sure is an eye-opener. As this one was stamped 1937 I had not considered that possibility, but with military armorers, you never know.

For $70 I'll probably pick it up anyway. Hard to go wrong at that price.
Here's a picture of the Turk receiver. Note the strange writing. Top of receiver ring says "Ankara 1937" but it appears that the top of the receiver has been ground and re-stamped.

Barrel & rear sight have matching serial number to receiver, so appears to be original barrel. Groove diameter is 0.323". Serial number is in low 5-digit range. No safety lug on the bolt, I'm thinking that this is probably a small-ring.
Jack, receiver ring diameter is 1.300" and guard screw spacing is 7 5/8" near as I can measure with a steel tape.

Probably something like an 1895 pattern, looks quite similar to my Swede.
Hi, Mike:
I browsed through de Hass while the talking heads were doing the news. Dimensions, the deep thumb notch and no third lug indicate an 1895.

Thoughts on shooting the mil-surp 8mm ammo in it? I had always heard to keep top-end loads out of small-ring mausers, but it's obviously been shot plenty.

Interestingly, the barrel is marked 7.91 but I did slug it and it's clearly .323".

Most interesting thing about it (to me) is that the stock is actual walnut! I think it will clean up and make a dandy sporter.
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