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Weel...I'm going to kick this one off in case someone out there is doing a search, that also might be a potential Beartooth Bullet buyer.
There's nothing new about wanting tight , long range shotgun patterns. Reading Frank Forrester's works of 1848, we find that in those ML days and shotguns with no choke, there was a way used for long range shooting. Eley made a shot concentrator that was a copper wire basket with the shot enclosed with bone meal around the shot....sound somewhat familiar? It should as it is the basic design of todays loads with plastic wads and "Grex" filler! This design was "rediscovered" in the 50'5 with the WW Mark 5 sheck, and has continued developing to todays shotsheck. This design has tighten patterns, especialy with copper plated shot. Some of the choke tubes for 12 gauge today go all the way down from a bore of .720" to a tight .660"!
Now...we have another, not so new, concept coming aboard. There are choke tubs out today that have  small studs or straight geooves in the muzzle end. This is to catch and slow down the wad, thus releasing the shot, and keeping the wad for hitting the back of the shot charge. "Patternmaster" seems to lead the field. My brother Clay, a turkey hunter par excellent, is using a "Comp-in-choke" and getting terrific tight patterns at 40 yds with copper #4's.
Me...I'm still using my hump back, round knob, A5, that has a  30" VR .685" choke. I am using a handload I've developed over the years using Blue Dot and a special fabricated wad column. I can match his patterns, if I take care in putting the load together. Whichever way you go, these two types of choke tubes do pay off when that "biggun" struts out! Clay killed four last spring, to my only one....But, I killed mine with my ML 10 ga. Pedersoli DeLuxe, at 45 of my long legged paces, with 1 1/2 oz. of copper #4's.
Best Regards from The Hammock....James  
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