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I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to discuss a certain kind of behavior prevalent among many older, more seasoned shooters, hunters, and handloaders. Quite often when a newcomer joins our lifestyle, they may make some decisions in equipment, technique or some such that we may find "questionable."  In most cases I really don't think it's their fault, since the common gun and hunting magazines they'd rely on cater to the latest and greatest in firearms technology. We may know that the 7.92mm Thunder Zapper isn't any more efficient in harvesting deer than the .30-30, .270, or .45-70, but the average newcomer doesn't.

So when you have the opportunity to talk with a new shooter and/or hunter, be kind and understanding. Don't say that their new rifle is stupid, overpowering, or ugly. Though it may be, a friendly comparison and discussion will leave a much better taste in the newcomer's mouth than if we come on too strong in our opinions. I saw it myself when I was a newbie. Many "old timers" would laugh at my questions and opinions. I found it rude to the point of frustration at times. But I learned that many times they were right, even though it wasn't delivered in the best fashion. If I hadn't been so easily addicted to gunsmoke, I may have chucked the whole thing and taken up video games or something.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from with this. Take it easy on the newcomer who may have just bought the latest synthetic stocked .300 Magnum with a 20X scope for woodlot whitetails. Show him your old iron-sighted Savage, Marlin, or Winchester. Let them shoot it and appreciate the lifestyle beyond what's covered in the latest gun rag. Trust me, that newcomer will stick around to be an old timer someday just like you.
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