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Can't tell whether you've got a measure problem or a scale problem? That scale is old enough that you should check the knife edges for condition and cleanliness, and if it has a magnetic damper, check for iron filings that are rubbing the conductive plate that slides between the poles. If you don't have check weights, you might want to get a set and double-check that.

If it's the measure, pull the drum and check than no insect has nested in the metering chamber. Make sure to wipe the hopper with a used dryer sheet to get some anti-stat smeared around. You can get a cheap anti-static wrist strap from Radio Shack (you may need to have them get it in) and wrap its wrist portion around the support plate on the measure, then clip it to ground. That grounds you through a resistance high enough to prevent spark discharges.

You can also improve measure consistency with additional baffles. There is a template of them with instructions you can download free from my file repository.
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