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Unique numbers on 1894 Winchester

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I just acquired this 1894 that was manufactured in 1911. It is a saddle ring carbine and has "GSC31" stamped on the left side of the receiver. I would live to know what this designates or why or who. Possibly ranch or prison related. I'm open to opinions.
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It might be of interest that the G stamp is put on separate than the SC 31 which seems to be one stamp. Both were applied by press instead of hammer, too. Seems a backwards way of marking and might offer a clue.
Yes, and if you copy the image and zoom it to 250%, there is a separating - (dash) between the [elevated] G and the S, and there appears to be what looks like a center punch dot in the center of the G.
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The only interesting hit I got searching for GSC is Geological Service of Canada that is old enough for this Carbine and would have carried it in a scabbard.
I do not know if a letter would be available for this Carbine, but if so the answer may be on it?
I was thinking the same, but when the [apparently] intentional separation of the G and the S with the hyphen was seen, I thought that kinda threw a wrench into that theory (?). There are a bunch of acronyms out there, but most seem way to 'modern' for this one example (some would be a humorous application!).
If GSC are someones initials, he or she should be commended for keeping that wood in such fine condition. Especially if it was on a horse traversing the wilds. The beauty of old guns is imagining what they have experienced. Very nice firearm Crossbolt!
Based on the 'half moon' wear pattern groove from the saddle ring, I suspect the rifle spent a great deal of time in it's early life in a scabbard, which makes the overall condition that much more impressive.
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It looks like the rubber coating came off a pick-up window gun rack. The hammer was down when it happened. I withdraw the leather strap idea. It's impact, not wear.
I'd bet that gun has not been apart.
Makes sense, I guess that sort of 'impacting' could also have beat that half moon wear (dent?) from the saddle ring(?). BTW, did they have pickup track gun racks back then? Could have been from impacting the prison armory wall gun rack, by the guard removing and replacing daily! ;)
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