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Unique numbers on 1894 Winchester

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I just acquired this 1894 that was manufactured in 1911. It is a saddle ring carbine and has "GSC31" stamped on the left side of the receiver. I would live to know what this designates or why or who. Possibly ranch or prison related. I'm open to opinions.
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This has been extremely interesting to me for some reason. I can post photos of the entire rifle but there is nothing outside of being a standard SRC. Condition is excellent with no scars or damage outside of bluing loss.
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I contacted Cody for a letter and this was what I received back:

"We are able to provide the serial number application (SNA) factory letter for your Winchester. This letter will contain the date on which work began on the firearm. Configuration and customer records are no longer available for your Winchester".

Anyway the gun came out of Northern Vermont and a previous owner worked for the railroad but thats all I know so "gbro" may have figured it out. I know this is nearly impossible to track but it is always fun to search. The only other thing that stood out is the marks behind the hammer.

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Puzzling that the marks aren't shown on the hammer?
Even the blueing shows no wear??
If you fully cock the hammer do you see any marks on the front side??
Only other reason would be hammer was replaced.
Just my WAG!
The marks are below the hammer which is hard to tell in the photo.
can you post images like these, A, B &C ?
A. is cocked Hammer to see thumb pad of hammer wear. This is my .30WCF 1906 dated (2936XX)
B. Is Trademark wear. On mine The second line(-WINCHESTER- shows more wear than the 1st line and the 3rd line (-TRADE MARK-) shows the most wear in the small lettering. This is from all the Right Handed owners of my Carbine.
C. Is hammer side wear. No wear is evident on the back of my hammer like yours but the sides both show wear, more on the left side of mine in the photo.
Recoil Junky posted that the finishing might not have been as good?
I would like to rule out everything I can think of and more before accepting this.
Gregor, CGVS
Here you go

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gbro this old gun is as honest as the day is long. It isn't really anything special outside the fact that hasn't been messed with. As for screw orientation I would assume thats how it came from Winchester. I just have a thing for saddle ring guns and was glad to ad it to my collection. It goes good with one of my old Colts.

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I am poising these questions to anyone looking at your thread. Jack and Crooked Creek are certainly the most experienced participants IMO and we all learn from fantastic threads like this.
Its fun when someone posts a thought you, I or others also had.
So many many thanks to you for joining. And Wow what a nice Colt!!!
Is this a Colt Bisley?
Thanks much, it is a Bisley. I have one grandson and he's 11 and like me he loves history and we shoot a lot of old stuff. I retire in a few months and am building a new rifle range as I have a lot of friends that shoot Sharps blackpowder long range. Out of the bunch I'm the only one that shoots original guns. Nothing wrong with the new stuff but I love the originals. Check my "New Old Guy" thread in single shot rifles.
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