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Used Rifles

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I just came from a local pawn shop that usually has a new selection of rifles on Fridays and they usually have some neat deals. Today they had about 5 rimfire 22's in neat configurations and even a older Marlin lever action in 45-70.

I guess I wanted to ask why in the world folks don't take better care of their weapons? I'm not saying don't use them, or hunt them hard. But for goodness sake folk could at least wipe them off to prevent rusting. Why would you allow a once nice Marlin in 45-70 to get a good proper coat of light rust all over it? Just a thought. I know your rifle or shotgun is yours, and you'll treat it as you will even if that means leaving it out in the elements to deteriorate. I'm not saying I pamper mine, but I guarantee you I won't abuse them either.
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People that take off their shoes when they enter
the house. Will drag a gun behind their car for
a few miles through heavy mud, and then throw
the gun in the closet until next hunting season.
That's the way it is.
I was a cop for a short while back in the old days.
We had a few guys that had pistols rusted to
their holsters. Until the Chief found out.

Had a buddy in CA that bragged to no end about his $2,500 Beretta shotgun. One day I was picking him up to go shoot some ground squirrels, so I asked if I could see this piece of modern craftsmanship. He pulled a hard case out of his closet and when he opened it up, you could see the color run from his face. He'd gone duck hunting (in a salt marsh on the edge of SF Bay) and put his gun away, WET! Said he was real tired when he got home that day, a couple weeks earlier, but he figured it would be fine in the case. Some people have way more money that common sense, that's for sure.
It is the sad truth, I know a guy that has more money that brains, and his Browning Bar, has not been cleaned in I would say 8 years, cause I was the last one that cleaned it for him.

It is shame, I wouldn't give him 20 bucks for it, it looks pitiful. I am usually very good about wiping them off, I got two that have a little rust on them, and when I found them that way, I freaked.

I know a few guys that have carried their deer rifle around in the trunk of their cars for the entire deer season and then left it there until spring or summer, no respect for the firearm.
I've found some great deals due to this. I suspect a few come from someone passing on and widow or kids with no interest in guns take them in for sale after having sat in a closet - or worse - for many years. A lot of shops simply put them out as-is without cleaning them up. If just surface rust and fouling, count your blessings that you found a gem! Some might just be wall-hangers, and pay accordingly.

I got a very nice Browning Belgian A5 light 12 a few years ago that was gummed up beyond belief....must have been used as a single-shot prior. $25 for a new butt pad that I ground to fit, a very good cleanup, stock refinishing and recheckering, and I was into it for $125...discounting my time, which is worthless... God bless those people!
I kinda sub-conracted for a gunstore for a couple of years. "Whatever" season would roll around and the guy was swamped with firearms that were rode hard and put up wet!

Most of what I worked was related to lack of maintainence. I was pleased to make a few bucks at the time.

I'm spending some of my time now working firearms that "I" don't shoot as much as I used to. I find no rust (so far). Gun oil has changed though? I'm looking into that.

I'll confess I once left my Lyman Trade rifle in a case for about a week after a day of hunting in the rain or snow (forget which). Fortunately I had cleaned the bore in the field so it was fine, but the surface rust on the exterior was nasty. I don't know how I forgot to wipe it down and put it away when I got home. That was about 7 or 8 years ago and I still feel bad when I see the remnants of the rust.
How would you folks recommend getting light rust off a rifle?
How would you folks recommend getting light rust off a rifle?
A little gun oil and light rubbing with 000 or 0000 steel wool.
I shop the used gun racks

You have to check the rifles and shotguns very carefully. It is possible to find the whole span from really nice to just about awful condition firearms. The gun shops I visit will not accept junk guns. I used to work in a gun shop and saw a lot of guns. Many were in sad shape. I bought a Winchester Model 70 in ,270 that had been placed muzzle down in wet leaves and put away wet. The last half inch of barrel was rusted and pitted inside. I got the rifle for $95.00 and had the barrel cut and recrowned for $7.50. I am still hunting with that rifle.

I clean my guns after every use and people ask if they are new. Nope, I hunt with an 1898 Krag and older Ithacas that are still beautiful. When storing guns, a fine film of gun grease inside the bore and on the exterior metal will provide rust protection. All the best...
Before each season begins I again check all my firearms and wax 'em with car paste wax. Wood, metal, everything. I'm in my 60's and have yet to find any rust on any of my firearms. Care and common sense. Well, maybe Common Sense, isn't.
I have used a silicon cloth for years on my rifles and haven't had any rusting problems.
Shooters who don't take proper care of their firearms are simply looking at them as tools, made of wood and metal, and made to get a job done. As for me, I all but talk to my guns:D. They are looked at/after constantly and always get wiped off before being placed back in the cabinet. But, they are way more than tools, to me.

Seems that some people just don't wash their cars, care for their tools and don't care to look after their firearms. What a shame.:confused:
The big Fort Worth Gun Show is this week-end. With the kind of economy we had last year and a lot of folks still unemployeed, I expect a lot of used guns for sale. I'm bringing some cash!
went to one here in Georgia a few weeks ago, they had allot of guns for forsale, but really they didn't have great deals.
Too bad there isn't a decent gun show in Austin anymore (last I knew). I'm jealous!!! Find a Swede for Ken.....
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They have some pretty good ones in San Antonio. I try to go there mostly.
$$$ Gun Shows

The last GA Gun show I went to looking for a SAA colt and a 336 they cost more than a new 336 at Acadmy Sports and Outdoors or Wall Mart. Bought a new 336W at Wall Mart for $400.00 with a $35.00 rebate and yes I got the rebate. Gave up on the Colt and bought a new Blackhawk for half what a Colt cost. Emmm I wonder what the boys at Colt are doing. It ant good. Sure love the Ruger 357 w/ 6.5 This is my first post so hello to all looks like a great place for info.
Hey that's how these guys make their money by selling to people that don't know prices.

Getting back to the thread, the last pump shotgun I bought left enough dirt behind in the ultrasonic cleaner to start a garden!!!

Clean and a new set of factory stocks it's no longer a dog.
Nice coat of RIG on outside. RIG is once again available from Natchez. It was off the market for several months.
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