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I finally got a chance to shoot Beartooth's new 44 Mag 300g WFNGC from my Marlin on a day where the wind was less than gale force.

The range: 50 yds 10 mph wind from 1 o'clock, 68 deg, sea level, sand bag rest

The rifle: A Marlin 1894 (5.75 lbs) with a 16" unported barrel, Micro-Groove, 1:38 twist, AO Ghost Ring sights (wide aperture)

The bullet(s):
1. Beartooth 44 Mag 300g  WFNGC sized .432
2. Cast Performance 44 Mag 300g  WFNGC custom sized to .432

1. 21.8g of H110 Hornady brass CC350 primer
2. 22.0g of H110 Eldorado and Speer brass CCI350

1.BTB w/ 21.8g H110
  23 shots
  Max fps 1711
  Min fps 1670
  Avg fps 1687
  ExSprd 41fps
  Avg Accuracy 3 shot groups 1.3" (centers)
  Avg FPE 1895 pounds feet

2.BTB w/ 22.0g H110
  10 shots
  Max fps 1711
  Min fps 1685
  Avg fps 1699
  ExSprd 26 fps
  Avg Accuracy 3 shot groups 1.5"
  Avg FPE 1923 pounds feet

3.Cast Perf w/ 22.0g H110
  8 shots
  Max fps 1687
  Min fps 1660
  Avg fps 1675
  ExSprd 27 fps
  Avg Accuracy 3 shot groups 1.2"
  Avg FPE 1869 pounds feet
Interestingly, the Beartooth Bullets were somewhat faster from my rifle. Alloy? Hardness?, Lube? Sizing? Don't pay too close attention to the group sizes since when using a large aperture ghost ring these are all well within the margin of error. One observation, the BTB bullets did shoot lower than the CP bullets. Due to higher velocities and recoil?
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