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using muzzloading sabots for shotguns slugs?

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Is it possible to reload sabot slugs like the ones you buy in the store for shotgun slugs? For example the hornady sst's i usually use look just like the sabots that i use in my muzzle loader. are they the same and is there a way to reload these slugs for my slug gun?
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Yes. There are outfits that sell slugs with sabots and slug molds and sabots independently. The outfits that sell supplies have tools for forming roll crimps over slug sabots that chuck in a drill press or something similar. has the tools plus a limited selection of saboted slugs, for example. There's another outfit with more, but I've forgotten the name.

Simply substituting an ML sabot for a slug sabot probably won't work out both due to lack of a bore diameter match and because sabots for shotguns have a wad system built in with some give space under the slug that affect pressure. You can get molds from Lyman and Lee that allow the use of a conventional plastic shotgun wad as the sabot and allow use of a conventional star crimp.
BPI. That's who I was thinking of. They do have that new 12 ga. sabot for .50 cal pistol bullets.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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