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value of S&W model 57

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I usually look up values of guns in my Blue Book of Gun Values. However, in odd or uncommon guns there seems to be some question on value.
The gun in question is a S&W 41 mag ,pinned barrel & recessed extractors ,nickel plated. Gun looks great but doesn't have orginal wood handles.
Question, how many years was this exact handgun made?
The blue book gave it a 100% value of $300. It gave some bonus points for the pinned barrel but did not give any points for the nickel plating unless it was new in box.
How much should be discounted for not having orginal grips?
It now has Hogue rubber grips.
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Hi, swifty:
The Smith & Wesson forum caters to collectors as much as shooters, so somebody there probably can price it for you.

Go to the S&W Revolvers 1945 to the Present page

S & W MDL 57

Not sure what you mean by odd or uncomom.I have three of these. More info is needed. They stopped P&R about '82 or so. Other questions would be, condition, lock-up, in the box. Those grips were not as fitted to the guns as in years gone by, so original grips would not be that hard to find, maybe 30. to 40. bucks.Could be less.sure would not pay any more. I think You would be hard pressed to get a 57 in the case, or box for 300.00 these days. without all that in good condition, 300. would sure enough be a good price. The books are only a guide. Value can, and does depend on who is selling, who is buying where the deal is going down, and a wide array of other factors. All things being equal I would pay 300 for the gun, unless it is a real piece of trash. I would be a bit concerened that there was NO rust under the rubber grips, as this happens if not watched. So there you have it. If in good shpe, and tight, that is a good price- If not, I would walk.I would not let the grips enter in to the deal to the extent that you lose a good gun, by just being hung up on the grips. :) Good Luck!! ONE- last thought here- if you want wood grips, go for factory smooth. :)
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