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Hello everyone,
Were the Lever power and Van Houten (would be 444) used in the std 94 Win action?

What is the pressure rating 38,000 or 41,000?

How much advantage would a 444 "Big Bore", have over a std action with a pseudo 444 wildcat?

Here is another thought,
could I take a 44 Mag 94, and rechamber it to 444, as long as the pressure was kept in check for the action? I know I would need to swap the carrier and perhaps a couple of other pieces, but I have many O' those laying around. Hmmm.....

Thanks for any thoughts on this

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Yes they were used in the standard M-94.
In my looking at them they appear to have been loaded to at least 40,000 CUP.
They are no advantage over the .444 as the .444 has more case capacity.
When the .444 first came out in the mid '60's a friend of mine had a Marlin M-336 re-barreled for it before Marlin had the guns available. He had a fast twist barrel put on it. 1-16" to shoot heavy bullets. He never had any problems with the rifle.
Some where in the lever actions list I have posted about Myron Rockett and his .308/444 built on a standard M-94 action. Rockett loaded to at least 40,000CUP. In his article Rockett shows a number of pictures of the action modifications.

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I have an original M94 from Wade's Gun Room in Phoenix from too many years ago. Fred left the shop to his partner Ev Van Houten and the Leverpowers became Van Houten Supers. There were severa; bore sizes but the .44 was the only popular one at the time. I still have the Rem .30-40 cases Fred made into the .44. One of the sales points Fred would mention is that the .44 mag could be used in the ,44 LP. He would also sort of forget to mention it was a single-shot whe you did that. I won't repeat Fred's original loads but suffice that Fred wasn't shy and there was a lot of 4198 and 3031 in them. The early loads also used 250gr cast bullets as the Rem JSP's weren't quite available yet.
One trivia note- Fred preferred the 336 to the 94 for this round and after an article appeared about the cartridges in the outdoor section of the Arizona Republic one Sunday, he sold one to a gentleman who turned out to be a Marlin rep. The rest is history and Fred never got squat for his efforts.
Both these gentlemen are long gone but I did business there for many years. They always made time for a curious 9 year old boy and I never forgot it.
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