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Vaquero + Lever Rifle

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I will purchase a 45LC Vaqero SS 5.5". I also want a 45LC lever rifle (cowboy style) 16" barrel, any recommendations? I have heard the Rossi is better than the Winchester and Marlins any truth to that. Are any of these type rifles made in stainless steel?
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  I've never understood the difficulty with the crossbolt safety, but then again I'm not a big hunter.  Maybe it's awkward with gloves, or maybe it's just estetic (sp?), but I have a Winchester in .45 LC and a 1895SS.  Both have the crossbolt safety & I don't mind a bit.
   I think the Winchester '94 in .45LC would be a great partner to a Vaquero...been thinking about one myself.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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