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Vaquero + Lever Rifle

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I will purchase a 45LC Vaqero SS 5.5". I also want a 45LC lever rifle (cowboy style) 16" barrel, any recommendations? I have heard the Rossi is better than the Winchester and Marlins any truth to that. Are any of these type rifles made in stainless steel?
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I do like the Rossi (pre safety models), but have only seen the .45LC in the blued version.  .357's were made in the stainless model 92's, but only with 20" barrels.

Marlin is gearing up for stainless 1894's!  Talked with Brian Pierce on the phone last week, and he was putting a stainless .44 Mag Marlin 1894 through its paces for an upcoming article.  Word has it, that the gun will also be available in .357 and .45LC as well.  I don't know as yet what variations of the gun will be offered in regard to barrel length.

I do beleive the Rossi M92 (and the Navy arms, made by Rossi) to be stronger than the Win 94 or the Marlin 1894, but those differences are purely academic and for armchair theorizing, if you are loading within sane pressure perameters for your handgun.  I wouldn't want to be pushing the pressure envelope of either the Winchester or Marlin with my handloads... these guns are plenty effective on game even at modest velocities with wide meplat bullets... besides these guns are supposed to be fun to shoot, not endurance lessons in pain!

Hope this helps!

God Bless,

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