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When Leupold replaced the Vari X-II with the VX II, what changes were made? Is one noticeably better than the other?
Leupold really screwed up with their change as it is confusing and misleading. the Vari-x II is not anywhere near a VX-II. the Vari-X II has friction adjustments and Magnesium Floride coatings. the VX-II's have the MC4 Multi coating, click adjustments, they are the old Vari-X III's opticaly. the scope closest to the Vari-X II is the VX-I. then the new VX-III (which even now have been replaced with the newer VX3 model) has indexed matched lens in addition to the click adjustments and fully MC4 coatings. the new VX3's have a second erector tube assembly spring to address the less than stellar tracking that folks were complaining about in the VX-III's. the rifleman is way down there, with 1/2 MOA friction adjustments , and Magnesium Floride coatings.
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