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Back in the late 80's, I bought a Ruger #1V in .22-250 and topped it with a Leupold VariXIII 6.5-20. I have used a Sierra 55gr BT on top of 38.5 gr H-380 and nothing else since I started shooting it. The gun still prints 3/4 moa when I do my part and I have shot ground squirrels, prairie dogs and coyotes all day with it. It is not so heavy that you can't take it on a mile hike to a favorite coyote stand and accurate enough to shoot 500 yard prairie dogs. The one gripe I have with it, the throat is too long. I can't touch the lands even with an 80 gr bullet. After much trial and error, I found a seating depth that produced 3/4 moa and stayed with it. I have close to 3k rounds through it now and am trying to burn it out so I have an excuse to rebarrel to 6mm-something. Last year I put a bore scope in it and found the smallest indication of pressure erosion in the throat. I almost missed it, it was so minute. One other draw back to it, if you're hunting coyotes and miss the first shot or call in a double, you can't reload quick enough for a second shot. It will make you concentrate on that first shot. Just my biased opinion on #1's. (I own 3 #1 varmint rifles and all shoot less than 3/4 moa.)

Allen F.:D
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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