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Are You a Reloader?

Are You a Reloader?

If you are not I like the Sako Stainless Heavy Barrel Varminter in 22-250
IF You Reload I Like a 22 PPC USA in the same gun and
she shoots competitively in the Sako at 3400 - 3500 FPS.

IF you want a Walk around gun then consider the
Sako Stainless Hunter in 223 or 222 with a 1 and 14 twist.
Both are awesome and a light gun weighing 6lb 3 oz. The
223 is often hard to find in a 1 and 14 twist; often comes in
a 1 and 12 which is ok for 60 to 65 grain bullets but most guys want to shoot 50 to 55 grainers. I still love the 222
because they are so quiet. But you can't knock the 223 either.

I Have all but one of the above and Love them. If You can't
afford a Sako, our group has always been impressed with the Remington fluted Barrel in Stainless in 22-250.

So many good guns out there so have fun choosing but
in the last few years the stainless barrels have become a very practical choice.

Scopes are another great question ...... lots of fun!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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