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Lindsey, I take it you mean just varmints only? In that case I would put my hands on a 222 caliber (super accurate) for hunting at up to 250 yard normal ranges on varmints. The kind of accuracy you need for shooting chipmunks or knocking flies off the buttermilk at 100 yards! I am not sure what gun manufacturer's still chamber this round in new rifles. Now for longer ranges up to 325 yards the hotter and louder 22-250 traveling at 3600 to 3800fps gets my nod on varmints. Not to say you can't use it on bigger critters such as coyotes with absolute satisfaction.

As mentioned earlier, varmint hunting isn't usually fast and ferious, unless your parked in front of a big dog town, out in the western scenery. I have come to be very found of my 1/4 bore (25-06) for handling anything in the varmint to deer catagory. I use 51 grains of IMR 4350 powder @ 3345fps, with a 100 grain Ballistic Tip bullet for varmints and predator's. It is the Cat's Meow" on groundhogs and predator's out to 400 yards with a good scope. Deer hunting I jump to the 120 grain Nosler partition bullet using the same powder @ 48.5 grains for 2950fps.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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