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Lindsey Mathiso said:
I am considering a varmit rifle for the first time in my life. I usually stick to the lever action boomers but my shoulder and dental work need a rest. I was sold on a 22-250, probably in a Remmington 700. But what about a 243 WSM or a 221 fireball or a ?????? I occasionaly get my hands on my wife's 243 but would like my own.

Your thoughts will be appreciated!
Hold on Lindsey why not a lever.I have many lever action varmint rifles.

Savage M99T in 22 Hi-Power (70gr 3100fps-1500fpe,Hornady)
Marlin M336 in 219 Zipper(60gr 3300fps-1451fpe,Sierra)
Marlin M62 in 256Win Mag(60gr 2800fps-1045fpe,Conley)
Browning BLR 22/250(55gr 3600fps-1580fpe,Speer)
Savage M99C 22/250

I also have a Win M70 Varminter in 225Win with heavy barrel.Very accurate(55gr 3700fps-1672fpe,Hornady)

Any of those shoot 1" at a 100yds,256Win 1.5".Good Luck and don't forget your lever actions.

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Zeppelin! said:
If any of my long rifles with a scope shot consistantly 1 MOA I would sell it or run over it with a truck. My .338/.378 Weatherby with 250g Partitions shot 5/8" groups at 200 yards just yesterday out at the range. My Remmington 700 in .223 gives me 3/4" at 200 yards and my Winchester model 70 in .308 is the same.

I stopped practicing at 100 yards a long time ago as 3 shot groups all ended up 1/2" or better. Of course that did not happen overnight as I had to build the loads for these guns and fine tune it. A trigger job on the 700 made it real sweet and a massive break on the Winchester kept the rifle on the table. The Weatherby really surprised me. I only went thru 7 loads to tune it.

I am NOT a great shot, I just practice 40 weekends a year :D

However, next time I see a savage I will try it. I just never see them out at the range here and we have the largest in the USA at Ben Avery. Non of the dozen or so people I shoot with have a savage.
Heres what i use for 500yd competition.

Schultz & Larson with 27.5in barrel in 358Win
Champlin Octagon Sporter with 26in oct barrel in 284Win
Wichita WSR with 24in barrel in 284Win
Win M70 with 22in barrel in 225Win
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