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What about the .222 Rem !!! cheap ammo is no excuse to buy a ruddy .223 when the .222 Rem exsists !;) Sorry im not a fan of the .223!

From your list i would really fancy the .221 fireball do you really need a .22-250 ?? My old Hornet killed fox out to 200 yards........I would really look at the .221 fireball if you feel you need more ... then .222 will impress you.:)

lever is it ? Well ive just bought me a 1990 Marlin 1894 classic in .218 Bee:D it may not have the reach of the mighty .22-250 but......... i reckon i well have a darn sight more fun plugging Mr Fox with my marlin !:cool:

Good luck with what ever you choose after all its your choice:rolleyes:

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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