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Can think of varmint shooting in several classifications, and each would be best served with a differnt type of rifle. Hardest is to get a single rifle to do decently at them all.
Can shoot hundreds of rounds from a set position in a few hours...or shoot once or twice while stalking or calling in critters....or lob a few bullets way the Hades out there for some long-long range tries. An eastern woodchucker will get a few shots in a day, usually pretty long, but he has to be able to move around from place to place pretty easily. A Dakota 'dog stand can run you out of ammo in a hurry without taking a single step.

Want to help, but if you could aswere three questions first, could probably point you in the best direction:
1. How far will you be shooting?
2. How many shots/how quickly?
3. Do you intend to walk around or will you be seting up a stand and staing put?

Guess the closest to a general all around rifle would be a medium weight (8-10 pound scoped) .223 bolt gun. Not too heavy if you need to be mobile, not too light to take a good number of shots before heating up. .

The 22/250 and .22) swift are great rounds, but not ones I'd pick to burn up 200 rounds of ammo in a single morning.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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