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Velocity in Broomhandle Mauser

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I have a Mauser Broomhandle mfg in 1914. I have obtained a large number of Tokarev 7.62 ammo and fired through a Chi-Com gave a muzzle velocity of 1440 fps. Since the ammo is clean and bright, I decided to pull the bullets, cut the powder charge or use a new powder charge, so that I could use the cartridges in the Broomhandle. I am trying to obtain a velocity of about 1250 fps as I feel this is safe since the present mfg ammo (boxer primed and reloadable) for this pistol has a velocity of about 1300 fps. Any opinions as to the velocity I should try for will be appreciated. The pistol is in very good condition. Thanks for your words and thoughts.......Catch
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Since there arn't any opinions, and broomhandles must not be very popular on this forum, I'll give you an update on this problem in case anyone out there is interested.
I pulled about 100 of the Tokarevs and the average powder charge was 8.2 grains of
an unknown powder. I cut the charge to 7 grains, reloaded them and obtained an average velocity of 1265 fps. The rounds felt moderate and functioned in the broom
faultlessly. Incidentally the SD of the reloads was 28. A seemingly good solution for rounds that cost 9 cents a piece against the price of the Mauser stuff. Catch
Nice to see that you had success with your experiment. I suspect that it is rarity, not lack of popularity that kept responses to your original post to this one and your own.
Broomhandles are fascinating firearms but one sees very few of them on the various fora to which I contribute.
As I understand the gun - limited knowledge here - they are quite robust in construction. Do you need to do the work that you are doing for safe firing?
Catch, check I think they've got .30 Mauser on the shelf now.

Ive always thought the broomhandle mauser was a neat pistol. Missed out on my chace to get one a few years back. But I keep looking.
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