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Venison Bake Steaks

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Take several 3/4-inch venison steaks (cut like round steaks) and fry in 1/8 inch oil in cast iron skillet untill well browned.  Place steaks in 13X9 inch baking pan.  Now pour out oil from skillet and place 1 tablespoon flour in skillet to soak up remaining oil.  Add enough milk to fill 1/2 skillet.  stir with wisk continuously over high heat until gravey forms.  Pour gravey over steaks.  Cut up an onion and place ontop of steaks, if you have morell mushrooms, put in a few.  COver with tinfoil, bake one hour at 350, take foil off for last 15 min.  serve with mashed potatoes.  My Favorite meal...(corn fed Illinois whiteails)
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We too have cooked venison this way for years... we usually use a cast iron dutch oven with a tight fitting lid (three teen and pre-teen kids, need more grub than a frypan will hold!)

When frying the venison I use a very hot pan and just sear the meat on both sides, using worchestershire and paprika along with salt and pepper to season.  Then smother with onion (and wild mushrooms when available) like you describe.  Talk about tender!   Great stuff.

Thanks for the recipe!

God Bless,

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sounds great! but I moved from southern illinois to texas 20 years ago and morels are pretty rare any more.
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