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Good afternoon al and thanks for allowing me to join the forum.
I have a Marlin Model 1893 in 32-40 which, according to the serial number was manufactured in 1899.
Finally got a chance last nigh to take it to our local indoor range for the first time.

Very pleased with the smoothness of the action, no issues at all loading, racking or shooting, until..... I examined the spent brass.
These were factory loads with no visible sign of corrosion.

Any thoughts on what caused the vertical splits on the two shells on the left. I circled the middle shell because it and some of the others show a vertical 'scratch" in the brass.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
What do the fired primers look like?
I have had bullets bonded to the case in a .270Win and the brass separated completely.
If you have a kinetic bullet puller try removing the bullets. If they are stuck the only way to remove them with this tool is to break them loose with a bullet seating die, then the kinetic puller.
Reloading with new powder and working up from established tables would be my plan after following JBELK's recommendation.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts