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I have been reading this forum for several months. Very nice place.

I have been using a new/old product lately and think more people should know about it. A very good friend of mine purchased rights to the Vickerman die system. It is a great old system that has been out of production for several years. The die I was using was the new BPCR 45-70. GMW (the new owner) is now making them for CAST bullets. Most dies are designed for the other kind. This is the fastest, most accurate bullet seating die I have ever used.

The case is put in the holder as usual and then the bullet is inserted in a "window" in the side of the body. As the case is raised it goes into a sliding sleeve (made with a chamber reamer) which gives a solid 2 point hold on the case. The bullet is held in alignment in the sleeve also. The result is that both bullet and case are in perfect alignment before they ever touch. My loads with this system are the most accurate (related to runout) that I have ever made.
Take a look at them at on the bottom of the GMW page. I think my description and the pictures will give you a good idea of how it works. There are a lot of old Vickerman dies out there. Ask someone that has one if he will sell it! Bet you can't buy it!!
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