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Inspired by Pogson's "To Interpolate, Or Not To Interpolate. That Is The Question!", I'd like some advice on loading my VZOR-1952 (VZ-52) Czech
carbine. No pressure-tested data exists for the 7.62x45 mm cartridge.
This is a new experience for me because I have to form my brass from 6.5x54 mm Mannlicher–Schönauer brass. This requires annealing which I've
never been good at. It'll require me to turn down the base. :mad:
The 7.62x45 case is 21.5% more capacious than its parent 7.62x39, by an estimate I found on the web. This makes sense because I calculated it
would be in the ballpark of 20% bigger, using a back-of-the-envelope calculation.
Most of those who do reload for the VZ-52 simply start with 7.62x39 data and, maybe, go x% above the listed maximum. AA-1680 appears to be the
most popular.
Barnes in his Cartridges of the World recommends IMR-3031.
I also found this:
"On pg 16 of THE CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA VZOR CZ52&CZ52/57 by Thimsen, he lists a loading of
27.6-32.4 gr IMR 3031, bullet weight 131.7, .311/.312 diameter yielding 2450 FPS. He also lists
37 gr W748, 123 gr PSP by Win, .311/.312 diameter yielding 2650 FPS.
It goes without saying, use at your own discretion. He does not list any
pressures or the source(s) of his information. I am submitting this solely for the use (with discretion) by those interested in this cartridge."

The leap of 200 FPS over the standard velocity of ~2400 FPS is both intriguing and scary! :eek: For one thing, that must give it a very broad
pressure curve. The duration of the pressure might give the gas auto too much of a workout. However, the gas is adjustable so it just might work.

It's only a $300 gun, so I might risk it as long as I don't endanger myself. :cool:

What are your more experienced thoughts?
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