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hi all
I'm a 23 year old fella who has been shooting all his life since a the tender age of 5. from handgun silhouette,clay target, bench rest rifle.
i have been on on hunting trips with my old man shooting rabbits roos, goats camels and absolutely love it.

I'm in the process of joining a rifle club here in Perth, but this dose not permit me to go there anytime that i please. being a fifo boilermaker i have a lot of spare time on my hands when im of swing. i would love to possibly make contact with a couple of people that would possibly allow me to shoot on there property's just setting up targets in a back paddock, or even having a crack at some vermin.

i just bought my first rifle a .308, and every range that you can use for recreational shooting is at most 85 meters and the smallest of 30 meters, we all know that shooting **** at a close isn't that difficult.

if anyone could help me out i would appreciate a response

kind regards
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