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hey bud.. i actually have a place like that ..only it was my hand an the result of my gun sliding out of [the wrong pair of pants]..the kind that let everything slide out,,if you set dn..nieghbor had a bull dog that would lunge at me when i with in a i toldl them i carried ,,an
i wasn t taking him on barehanded.
my .380 slipped out on the seat an my eye just caught it as it fell toward the pulleys of the old mower.. both hands went after it .. one got it
the other got what was in it.similar damage .. but just made hamberger out the side of my hand..
dr. mack made that hamberger look like a left hand again..
lesson ,i already knew ..throw those type pants away even if they a gift.. i already knew that ,,but failed to follow my own rule..
id carried some small handgun in pocket long as i can remember..
later i went to the in pants holster,that i use now..
never knew you could carry ,this comfortably an concealed,, without it being in pocket..slim
im not sure dr. mack ever believed i didnt get shot taking a gun away from somebody.:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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