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How low can I go with my loads using 250 and 280 gr Hardcast lead bullets? I have a max load but am looking at a minimum load also. Does this powder have the same problems when light loaded that h110/296 does?

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I've found WC820 to have a bit more charge range than say 296/H110.

What I would advise that you do is use a chrono and make up a series of lighter and lighter loads to the point you get erratic performance such as wide velocity variation and deteriating accuracy.

Sort of start where you are now and work down in half grain increments or less. Watch your performance and you'll get a handle on where to stop.

I myself use a medium range powder with the mid range loadings and keep the 820 for full loads or just a bit below. You won't have the leeway of say Unique or UC.

With the 44 Mag., I've settled on a 20 gr. charge under the 280 WFN bullet. Accurate and about 1275 or so FPS out of my 5" SBH.

I'll tell you one thing though, WC820 has got to be one of the cleanest powders I've ever used.



Disclaimer: The above posted load may not be suitable in your gun as evidence that there are a number of different lots of this surplus powder out there with different burning rates.

You is on your own.
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