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Weatherproofing A Rifle

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    In the Tips and Comments Section you mention weatherproofing, with Johnson's Paste Wax, both metal and wood.  Is it necessary to degrease the metal first?
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Road Dog,

Sorry to have taken a while to get back to you... first time in nearly a week on the forum... been making LOTS of bullets for you fine folks this week, and putting in some 16 hour days.

Now, about the paste wax.  No, it's not necessary to totally degrease your rifle.  What I do is just wipe the gun down with a clean dry cloth, rubbing off whatever the dry cloth will remove in the way of oils and grease.

By the way, I generally will remove a barreled action from the wood (bolt guns) for the wax application, being sure to get all surfaces coated with a protective layer of wax.  It's the hidden areas that you'll find water damage from rust and corrosion if not protected.

It surely does work well!  Let me know what you think after a season hunting with your gun waxed!

God Bless,.

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Is there any reason to remove the wax afterwards or do you simply polish it up and leave it on?

Buff it and leave it for the season!  It will waterproof your rifle, and protect it even in those places you can't see, if you take the time to strip it down before applying the wax!  It's durable, and very protective, beading and shedding water to protect your firearm.  Don't take it off!!!

Give it a try this season!

God Bless,

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