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Weekend fun

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My wife and I spent Friday and Saturday in Jackson Hole watching our daughter Nordic ski racing with the other high school teams from Wyoming. On Sunday, the daughter wanted to go up to Beaver Creek to watch a couple of the high school boys from Casper compete in a biatholon citizen's race sponsored by the local Nordic ski association. So we took our skis and watched these young men compete. Also, there was a class for younger athletes. In the photos, you can see young girls shooting air rifles at targets about 20 feet away.

These young men must be pretty serious about shooting and skiing. On Saturday, they traveled about 300 miles from Jackson to their homes in Casper; then on Sunday morning, they had to get up early to travel the 150 miles to the biatholon range to ski and shoot at 10:00 in the morning.
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Glad to see the youth of the country enjoying firearms along with their skiing. Good for them!
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