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Welcome to the New Catagory

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Well.......Here we go with a new catagory! Cowboy Shooting is the single fastest growing sport in the shooting game. I have met some of the absolute nicest people that play this game....They Have Fun!
Within the next two weeks a letter concerning this forum will be posted at Fort White Gun Club, a leading Cowboy group in this area. I hope we will get some of these 200+ Cowboy shooters to come aboard and help get this catagory up. You will find they are a great group of women and men!
Best Regards, James

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I never saw the forest for the trees. Congrats on the new category.
Finally got into Beartooth after trying for a while.  Candy Darlin' and I just moved to Texas from FloriDUH.  We plan to shoot at Tin Star.  Tried to find Texas Caballeros today but no signs or anything.

Are most of you folks on the West Coaast?
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