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Western Cartridge Co .45-70

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I recently bought a 1973 mod Trapdoor Springfield. SN in 350,000 range should be about 1886 manufacture.

My question is.... my friend gave me some Western 45-70 GOVT. it doesn't have a box (a friend gave it to him) and he thought it might be for a lever gun.

All internet searches look like it's some antique Western Ammo. It's half copper jacket with a flat lead tip. It's crimped at the base of the bullet as well as at the top of the case. I don't have anymore info so I think I'm not gonna risk my new Trapdoor. But any input would be appreciated. I also have some brass for reloading and would like to do some light reloads just for fun shooting.

Thanks for looking at my post.

I am an amateur collector of military firearms.
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I also have some ammo I can't identify. it's 3' long overall, about .44 cal and is a mildly stepped cartridge with what appears to be a paper wrap around the bullet.

One is marked "D" on top 12 85 on either side of the primer and "*" under the primer. One has no markings at all. One is marker with a crown above the primer, 7 88 either side of the primer and "MUNCHEN" UNDER THE PRIMER.

Any ideas??
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