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Western Cartridge Co .45-70

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I recently bought a 1973 mod Trapdoor Springfield. SN in 350,000 range should be about 1886 manufacture.

My question is.... my friend gave me some Western 45-70 GOVT. it doesn't have a box (a friend gave it to him) and he thought it might be for a lever gun.

All internet searches look like it's some antique Western Ammo. It's half copper jacket with a flat lead tip. It's crimped at the base of the bullet as well as at the top of the case. I don't have anymore info so I think I'm not gonna risk my new Trapdoor. But any input would be appreciated. I also have some brass for reloading and would like to do some light reloads just for fun shooting.

Thanks for looking at my post.

I am an amateur collector of military firearms.
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Im not sure but if that rifle was made in 1886 it should be black powder only. Im not gonna say for that the Western cartridges arent black powder but I do believe that western came out after smokeless came out. I dont think I would shoot them in that gun at all. Im thinking also that if its a jacketed slug that would make it after smokeless powder to. My advice would be not shooting it and go out and but some black powder rounds. Maybe somebody else can chime in and let me know if Im right. You can check buffalo arms for ammoor black dawg ammo for 45-70 ammo.
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