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WFN 185gr. .357 = Keith .44

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So a .357 can be the equal of a .44...
<HR style="COLOR: #1d4976" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->In the context of Marshall's Tech Note:

Handgun Hunting Loads-A Critical View<!-- / message --><!-- sig --> consider this:

The original "Keith" 250 grain SWC .44 Special/Magnum bullet and Marshall's "Next Generation" FNGC 185 grain .357 bullet share the same .280" size meplat.

Given identical meplat sizes, if both bullets are pushed to the same velocity and both offer complete penetration on the game sought, both would give essentially identical performance in the game fields.
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That .429 square shoulder on the Keith bullet is going to do it's share of damage too.
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