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Love it!  Deer hunting in TX can often be totally ruined by wild pigs, or javelinas, showing up at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Prior to this I've been shooing them away with a .44Mag/.45 Colt/etc. but this does sound a little quieter.

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The good OLE slingshot, I can remember as kid searching for the elusive red innertube, and later the mom and pop drugstores for surgical tubing, and we can't forget the old shoe or boot that had the perfect tongue for the pouch and the search for that perfect forked limb never ended!

I suppose the region of the country that you hunt in dictates the uses one has for utilizing the slingshot for hunting big game.

In the SW I used it a lot for getting game up and moving that was bedded in brushy canyons, a lot of times I would bring them out on my side looking back down where the sound of the stones were heard hitting, it sure saves the arm and legs as you can cover right much ground from the rims.

Most of the country I hunted for Coues deer and Javelina held Mearns quail as well. A few marbles or a pack of BB's in the pocket and I could usually get a couple quietly, a nice bonus.

I've got a question towards slingshots: How long should be the pair of rubber strings? I've got a slingshot and each rubber has the legth of 23 centimetres, it feels a bit long.

Is there any rule about the rubber length/arm length?

How long ar the rubber strings at Your slingshots?

Thanks in advance,

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