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What about the .44 mag. carbines??

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I have an 1894 Marlin in .44 mag. that's very finicky about cartridge overall length (as they all are). It appears the 280 WFN LBT design would work, but I'd sure like someone to confirm this before I get too carried away. Any load recommendations?
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Yes, the .432-280g WFNGC as well as the .432-240g WFNPB will function through the stock Marlin 1894's without a hitch.  The .432"-280g WFNGC is a great choice for the gun as well.

Now, about the feeding and C.O.L.  There was a post on our old forum about this very subject, and the use of longer bullets being impossible with the Marlin.  I wen't back and found the post for you, and have copied it here:

"There's a relatively easy fix...
Wed Aug 2 11:19:26 2000

for the problem. The cartridge lifter that brings the cartridge up from the magazine tube to the bolt, has a cartridge stop on it. In the Marlin 1894 it is a simple matter of disassembling the action, and removing this cartridge lifter. Once out, you may take a mill flat file, and carefully mill back the front face of the cartridge lifter 0.100" of an inch, without adversly affecting the action feeding reliability. Once done, any of the bullets with up to and including a .450" nose to crimp length will work great in your Marlin 1894.

This project is rather simple, and if not rushed is easy to accomplish. You will have the benefit of using just about any bullet you could possibly desire, and perfectly reliable feeding of those bullets."

Since this message was posted on the old forum, I have heard from at least two dozen people who have done this very alteration to their gun with perfect results and satisfation.   It absolutely allows you to shoot any ammo you could possibly imagine in your Marlin Carbine, and feed flawlessly!

Hope this helps anwer your questions!

God Bless,

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My Marlin  and me love the 280 WFN GC. Its a great bullet that I think really can reach its full potential when pushed out of a carbine barrel. I waiting for warm temperatures to hit so I can work up some good working loads. Here in Phoenix I don't think it makes good sense to develop a load when its 60 degrees and then have to start over when its 110 degrees.

I have had an occasional failure to feed using this bullet. I believe its the fault of my gun. Of course I can't duplicate it dry cycling the gun so I have to wait for more bullets to work things out. More shooting!!! The things I have to do to try and get it right!!

Just a note, I've talked to a few guys that are able to use ammo loaded longer than SAAMI spec in some of the newer guns. Maybe Marlin is doing something different now?

Have fun with that 44 and by all means get soom WFN's ordered up.
While we're on the topic of Marlin 44's, what's a good price on a .44 mag, new or nearly new, crossbolt safety of course?

Saw one in a gunshop for &#36399 or so, if it's not new then it's pristine.

Thats too high. I paid &#36379 for mine new and I could have shopped around and found one for less I'm sure. Hold out for new or start to talk him down.
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