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What Dies are necessary for loading 9mm?

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I would like to start reloading 9 mm, I have everything except dies (mostly because of unavailability).
But what dies are absolutely needed for reloading 9mm?
It seems way different from rifle reloading.
if anyone knows of a video that explains everything I would appreciate it.

and are lee dies compatible with the Rcbs rock chucker threads?

Thanks in advanced.
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If you don't have a reloading manual I'd advise getting one (or several). The procedures and reasons are outlined in the text. To me it makes more sense than watching someone do reloading without the understanding of how and why certain things are done.

9mm along with most handgun calibers use a 3 piece die set. You need all three for for the neccessary steps of decapping, resizing, expanding, seating and crimping. The better sets have carbide sizer dies.

Most dies are 7/8x14 thread same as most presses. Yes, Lee dies and RCBS presses are compatable.
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