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What Dies are necessary for loading 9mm?

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I would like to start reloading 9 mm, I have everything except dies (mostly because of unavailability).
But what dies are absolutely needed for reloading 9mm?
It seems way different from rifle reloading.
if anyone knows of a video that explains everything I would appreciate it.

and are lee dies compatible with the Rcbs rock chucker threads?

Thanks in advanced.
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A Youtube video is a great way to see a musician perform or watch a dog water-ski, but for something IMPORTANT, like knowing how to reload ammunition properly, stick to a well-documented and well-written source. It scares me to think about how many folks are out there with reloading equipment that have NOT read a book on the subject. :eek:
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There are quick answers and there are good answers...they are usually not the same answers. ;)
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