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My Kodiak Safari double rifle (double triggers) was delivered a few minutes ago. I'll allow the metal to reach ambient temperature [in a few hours] before I open the shipping container to begin futzing with it.

I know it has a straight grip. I have restocked all other straight grip-stocked rifles I own, or have owned, to semipistol grip or pistol grip because I believe I can control the rifle - that is, manage recoil - better with such grips. (However, I prefer straight grip on side-by-side shotguns having double triggers because I really do use the quick choice of chokes when bird hunting.)

Some Kodiak double guns - usually shotguns! - have been available with Pedersoli's semipistol grip. While I have not handled or seen any Kodiak with semipistol grip, photographs show it to strongly resemble Winchester/USRAC's 1886 rifle (the version with 26-inch barrel and crescent butt), a graceful shape I have fired and appreciated.

Okay, finally to the questions. Those of you who shoot large bore side-by-side rifles - what grip shape among the three do you prefer? Why?

If I choose to alter the grip to semipistol or pistol grip, can this be achieved by having the stock maker affix wood to the existing buttstock and shape and refinish as needed? Or is it more cost effective to replace the existing stock (would this include foreend wood also?)
Am I asking valid questions? If I am not, please respond to the questions I should have asked - but did not.
A question that has zero to do with grip shape.

Those of you who shoot large bore side-by-side rifles - what barrels' length do you prefer? That is, if you have the choice of selecting barrels' length, rather than being force to accept whatever their length happens to be on any used rifle you may have acquired, what barrels' length would that be? Why?
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