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What if any?

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What gun or hunting activities are you looking forward to in 2010?
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I'm working on a 6.8 SPC upper for my AR. I think I will like it better being in a more powerful cartridge.

I'm in the job hunt so things might not be so prolific, but a Redhawk would be a nice addition, I prefer the 5 1/2" version.
I'm looking forward to Jan. 1 through Mar. 31 when we can hunt yotes all night.

Other wise, my new years resolution is to get a few lever guns in pistol calibers. Hope to find a 357M and 45LC. Henry and a Marlin respectively, if I can be picky.... I want to get into some cowboy shooting.
I'm looking forward to Jan. 1 through Mar. 31 when we can hunt yotes all night.
Oh yeah!!!!:D
Rabbits! My new 20ga and my buddy's rabbit dog both need exercise :)

Gun-wise, I need to pick up a couple more "assault weapons" before Obama turns his attention to another of his campaign promises. Also want to get/build a 358 WSSM and pick up a Sendero in 300 RUM.
Looking to add some uppers to my AR. Grendel 6.5 barrel has been on order from Alexander Arms for five months. Probably will cancel if it isn't shipped by end of the year as the're playing people. Five months even in the present climate which has for the most part passed is too long for a simple barrel order!! I've since found another source for this chambering and plan on ordering after the first.
Going to completely redo the reloading bench. Time to sort, clean, and repair the things I have put off.

Got a new Lee press and and all the spare turrets for all calibers. Will be busy resetting all the dies to fit. Ginny bought me a MEC 9000 and I still haven't got it set up. I do have all the tubs of once fired from the range sorted...That was fun. Seems that I have about 7,000 once fired AA, Gunclub, and assorted others.

Went through all metalic the other day. could use some more 9mm and 45acp. I will be setting up for my Garand this year. I am about out of the suprlus ammo and just acquired a bunch of clips. Need to get some rust off of them, but boy was it nice to get a cardboard box of them for helping a friend.(make that a GOOD friend)

As some of you know, all these plans are in flux until we are done with the cancer.
Restocking my Grandson's 6.5x55 Swede with a "full grown" stock from the cut-down youth stock on it now. He's coming on 11 next month and figures he's outgrown the youth stock. ;)
I am looking forward to voting in 2010. Is a target rich environment. And my aim is still purdy good!

Two Buddies and I are looking to make a trip out west for elk next year. I've been out west a few times before and hope that this special trip can work out. There's nothing better than to share a hunting trip with good friends!!:D
I agree, I've hunted a few times by myself and its not much fun.
Looking forward to putting several revolver / carbine conbinations together for me and my young grandsons. Really looking forward to teaching them to hunt and shoot.
The only thing worse than hunting by yourself is having an entire deer lease with relatives. Why are people more courteous to strangers than close family??? by the way I have no hunting grounds this year, and it is killing me, this will not happen again. I will give you an example, one of my uncles keeps his stands padlocked so no one can hunt them, but feels it is ok to let his friends hunt other peoples stands on the lease. Is it just me?????
Yep, I understand, we have 80 sections but most of it is outfitted by my cousin. Not that I'm worried much, I hunt lots of different places and have more than 500 sections to hunt if I wanted to.

In 2010 I am looking forward to load developement for my 6mm and 300rum. I have never reloaded in my life and plan to start this year. So all you gurus in the forum get ready for a s---load of dumb questions from this end! What else is new right?:eek:
StretchNM was a total Newb last year too, just remember that you'll have to take over schooling the Newbs when we're done educating you. :)
I also looking for gun. But I am confuse which kinda of gun I have to buy. We are farmer and our location is near a forest and there are a lots of pigs there. I wanna to hunt those. Because they always done big damage in our crops. I am looking forward to all gurus very hopefully, pls guide me.
It depends on what is even legal in India... you don't have anywhere near the freedoms that we do. I feel sorry for you.
I'm looking forward to spending more time shooting and hunting with my oldest daughter. Maybe even my wife will join us with a little coaxing from my daughter.
looking forward to getting my best 06 all straitened out after sending the scope back to bushnell for repairs.. then its just which ever little gun project i can think of..relaxing an rewarding,as no townsend whelen.. but only accurate rifles interest me.. slim
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